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Primary Education

Focus On Pre Primary Students

The Pre-primary Programme at ANGEL VIDHYA MANDIR MATRIC SCHOOL comprises of Lower and Upper Kindergarten (LKG & UKG)

The objective of the pre-primary programme is to build a firm foundation for lifelong learning. A child's early learning experiences help shape his/her outlook on life and powerfully influence his/her style of learning & behavior.

The corner stone of our early childhood programme is based on the fact that each child has unique potential which needs to be tapped through his/her unique learning style. The pre-primary curriculum is delivered through the ILLUME approach. By planning learning opportunities with your children's unique personality styles in mind, we nurture their positive feelings about themselves.

We help them learn what they are good at, what they enjoy and what makes them feel good about themselves. The integrated method is holistic and child-centered with no arbitrary compartmentalization of subjects. It seeks to give a complete experience to your child within his/her range of experience and understanding. The approach goes a long way towards shaping a wholesome and healthy personality and it gets him/her prepared for primary school.

Focus on Primary Students

The children in this age group are introduced to the crucial stage in the educational process. The main objective at this stage is that your child develops the basic skills that would mould him/her to be a literate adult. The three Reading, writing and arithmetic are the foundations that will enable the child to read, write in a language and innumeracy – the ability to understand numbers and numerical concepts and use them effectively.

The curriculum at this stage is delivered through the ANGEL VIDHYA MANDIR MATRIC SCHOOL approach. The competency based curriculum encourages thinking, exploring, questioning and performing. This helps the children to go beyond the textbook. It does not stress on rote learning, but helps the concepts which lay the foundation for all future learning. The child starts to define himself/herself based on their attribute and achievements which pave their path seamlessly to the middle school.

Focus on the HIGHER Students

The curriculum of ANGEL VIDHYA MANDIR MATRIC SCHOOL focuses on the students, making learning fun and effective through innovative methodologies designed to engage them actively. With a favourable student - teacher ratio of 5:1 and excellent programmes, students can expect learning to be enjoyable and meaningful at AVMMS.

  • Samacheer syllabus govt of tamilnadu.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Sports.
  • Unique subject combinations like music, films and art.
  • Comfortable transport arrangements.
  • Unique non-vertical infrastructure.
  • We believe that environment is the third teacher, nurturing the young minds and shaping them into international minded citizens.

Student Life

Students at AVMMS enjoy learning outdoors in beautiful gardens and green spaces, as well as in spacious, well-equipped classrooms, with special facilities for art, music, drama and film. There are ample outdoor courts and playing fields for sports, as well as a swimming pool and indoor sports facilities.

How ANGEL VIDHYA MANDIR MATRIC SCHOOL prepares the future of students?

AVMMS is well positioned by establishing international links with outstanding educational institutions globally. There is also ample opportunity to build an international network with students. This can be done within the classroom and through student exchange programmes, co-curricular activities arranged by the school. The school has an excellent track record of college placements for its students. AVMMS helps its students in planning their road map to success by counselling them early and helping them plan and find the best suited programmes and colleges.

  • AVMMS has established international links with outstanding educational institutions, globally. Students interact with their peers through electronic links in schools around the world. There are opportunities for student exchanges, services, co-curricular activities arranged by the school.
  • As a Global Round Square School, AVMMS offers many opportunities to interact with students from other Round Square Schools through conferences, exchanges and service projects. AVMMS students participate in Model United Nations conferences in India and around the world and the school also hosts its own annual AVMMS There is ample opportunity to build an international network with students and schools in Singapore and other countries, within the classroom and through student exchange programmes, co-curricular activities and home-stay programmes specially arranged by the school.

ANGEL VIDHYA MANDIR MATRIC SCHOOL believes in a holistic approach towards overall development of the child. The Focus is on grooming the students as responsible global citizens and making them ready for the world, ready for the future. The school provides quality international education,.